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Frequently asked questions

here we publish the questions which are usually asked by our clients

Why do I need my own marketplace? Can not I just use those that have been around for years?

Of course you can. But be prepared to the fact that your domain will be lost among thousands and thousands of other domain names. The chances that your domain will be found and bought are extremely low. You can check this thread to understand the problem better.

Do you install the software?

BrandGearbox is extremely easy to install but if you need we will install it for free for you.

What if I find bugs?

We correct all bugs in BrandGearbox and help for free for lifetime.

Do you further develop BrandGearbox?

Yes. Now we are working on showcasing brands in virtual reality, for example.

What is the main idea behind BrandGearbox?

The idea is very simple, and we do not hide it. Here it is: "A domain is not just a name. It is a world of possibilities." It basically means that a potential buyer needs more than just seeing a word with a .com extension on a page among thousands of other words with extensions. He wants to feel this name, to see it in real life, to experience its power, to understand what a name REALLY is.

Branding is not an easy thing. When you have a product or a business in mind you spend numerous sleepless nights because you know that if you choose a bad name for your next project it might kill it. That is where BrandGearbox helps, the client can see the brand "in action" and there is a lot less possibility of choosing a bad name. He can now be SURE that this or that name will be a good choice for his product so he buys it without any hesitation. So BrandGearbox helps the businessman and it also helps you - to sell more brands. A win-win situation!

Can I use any hosting?

Yes, any modern hosting with PHP is ok for BrandGearbox.

Does showcasing brands in real life situations really help?

Yes absolutely. We have had a lot of experience in selling domain names and nothing helps more than seeing a brand in a real life situation.

Are updates free?

Yes. Updates are free for lifetime.

But what about marketing? I will have to promote my website!

Yes of course. But you can promote each brand separately, because from now on each of your domain names has a very cool dedicated webpage online, showcasing your domain name in the best possible way.

But I will need to have logos for the website! It is expensive.

You can order cool logos for your domains for only $5 here or here or here or you can create them yourself for free. The logos that you get on Fiverr are absolutely great nowadays. Ask the designer to make the logos simple and functional, they will look better on your website. The simpler the logo the wider the possibilities of its usage. If you see our demo website you will notice that almost all our demo logos are simple text logos without complex graphical elements.

Fully customizable

You can change the feature set you will use on your site to make a unique website. You will have a website with the features YOU choose.

Quick and easy

You download it within minutes after the purchase and can immediately install it. If you want us to install it we do it for free within 24 hours from the purchase.